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What Is Mortgage Insurance?

If you have a mortgage or are considering buying a home, you may be offered insurance directly from your lender. These plans do not provide benefits directly for your family, and only qualify you for benefits after you’ve died. We offer mortgage insurance plans that protect your home on your family’s behalf with benefits that are fully paid to whomever you choose, coverage that stays level alongside premiums, and policies that are up to 40% cheaper than what your lender can offer.

Benefits of Mortgage Insurance

  • Benefits paid to your family, not your bank;
  • Full protection on your terms that doesn’t need to be tied to your mortgage;
  • Fully underwritten on application means your policy isn’t declined at claim;
  • Your insurance is owned by you, and stays yours if you move or sell your home.

Who is Mortgage Insurance Best For?

  • Prospective new homeowners looking for a cheaper option for insurance;
  • Families who can use coverage for purposes other than a mortgage;
  • Homeowners looking to refinance and need reliable protection to do it;
  • Those with insurance from their lender who want to make the switch to a better plan.

At Easylifequotes, we offer quick and easy access to Mortgage Insurance quotes from all of Canada’s top insurance providers, such as BMO, RBC and many more. Get started with a Free, No-Obligation quote and explore your options today!

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