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What Is Term Life Insurance?

When you need to insure a debt, such as a mortgage, or if you only need coverage for a period of time: term life insurance is the most effective and simplest way to insure yourself. This plan lets you choose a term of coverage, often 10 to 30 years, in which full benefits are paid should you die during this term. Once the term expires, you may renew it or convert it to a permanent plan with no medical exam.

Benefits of Term Life

  • Insure for a higher amount for relatively low cost;
  • Full control over the terms of your coverage;
  • The renewal option guarantees your future insurability;
  • Fixed premiums and coverage for the full length of the term chosen.

Who is Term Life Best For?

  • New homeowners looking for a cheaper and safer alternative to mortgage insurance;
  • Families looking for income protection on a budget;
  • Individuals looking for a cheap solution to secure their debt;
  • Parents ensuring children have financial security as they grow up.

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