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What Is Universal Life Insurance?

For maximum wealth management, universal life may be the right solution. Combining the benefits of whole life insurance with the freedom to invest your payments into a selection of accounts, you can grow and manage your wealth in a tax-advantaged manner. Because universal life insurance entails managing your own investments, this plan is more beneficial to those who are comfortable making investment decisions and with a good understanding of investment risk.

Benefits of Universal Life

  • Protection for life, with option to insure up to 8 people;
  • Minimum premiums locked in from the day you apply;
  • Tax-advantaged saving platform;
  • Full control over where and how you invest your money;

Who is Universal Life Best For?

  • Those who want to manage their wealth directly;
  • Individuals focused on maximizing possible retirement income;
  • For those who have maxed their RRSP contributions and are looking for alternative options;
  • Savvy investors comfortable managing their own portfolio.

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