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Wawanesa Life Insurance

Wawanesa's history as a farmer's insurer have established their reputation of offering simple, equitable, and affordable life insurance plans for any financial or investment need.

Wawanesa offers the following Life Insurance plans:

Wawanesa Term Life Insurance – Coverage for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years or to age 80 with guaranteed premiums. Renewable and convertible until age 100.

Wawanesa Term 100 Life Insurance – Life protection that can be paid up in 15 or 20 years with a building cash value.

Wawanesa Whole Life Insurance - Lifetime protection that can be paid up in 20 years or to age 100 with guaranteed premiums. Allows you to receive annual dividend amounts.

Wawanesa Instant Issue Life Insurance - For ages 45-75 with no medical exam. After 20 years with the policy, the plan is paid-off for life.

Wawanesa Quick Issue Critical Illness Insurance - Three plans to choose from: 10 Year Renewable to Age 75, Level to Age 75 and Level to Age 75 with Flexible Return of Premium. No medical exam required, just a few qualifying questions.

Wawanesa insurance products are not available in the province of Quebec

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